Cactus blocks are falling for some reason. You, a little frog named frog, have to jump and dodge out of their way. Set them up in lines (Tetris style) in order to clear them off of your land. 

-Pull them with your tongue while they're green and falling.

-Turn them into dust once they're dry, yellow, and set on the ground.

Just be careful using that tongue of yours. Getting squished is easier than you think.

-Raise your acrobatics game by upgrading your jump height and tongue length every time you clear 3 lines.

-Collect all the eyes and uncover the mystery. 

-But most of all we hope you have fun!

Pullfrog is a game created by Joven Paul and Mario Carballo. Made in Pico8 over the month of June 2020. We had a ton of fun making it and we learned a lot. If you have any feedback about it, feel free to let us know! We want to balance it just right so all kinds of players can enjoy it.

-Thanks for playing 


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There is a bug where if you unlocked the pyramid from the lizard, the game would crash. One day later I realized there was another character that looked like one of the blocks in-game. I selected it and it looked like the bug posted by Niall Chandler Games (the one below me) I don't care about this bug I just wanted to let you know.

Thanks for the report, will try to fix it as soon I have some free time

Just so you know, I found a bug.

Pro tip: Dont select the buggy block.


thanks for the screenshot! It's a long standing bug, will try to fix it as soon as there is some time :)


This is really cool! I played the CoolMathGames version and liked it a lot! The story is somewhat confusing but it’s still pretty interesting.

Is there no download? I just bought the bundle, but there's no download button there and the button on this page says nothing is available.

Should be fixed now! sorry for the confusion

Thanks for that! I didn't realize you were also the author of The Lost Night, so sorry if I came across a little spammy.

No worries! thanks for letting me know :)

i love it :D

Hey guys I think I won :)

The same bug happened to me too.

i love this game, but im crap at it. haha...

same lol

This is a fantastic game! I love the artwork and unique gameplay. Really great twist on Tetris.

After unlocking simon and opening a door with him, I got this runtime error:

Any ideas? Is there some content after that I missed because of the error? :(

Oh no! let me look at what can be done, you progress should be saved though and after Simon there is a second secret character you can unlock :)


Just rescued simmon at coolmathgame, pretty fun! I lost because of stacks too high. i had 43 lines \(0_0)/ WHOOOOOO.

also for those who couldnt understnand the font:


     -1cup condensed milk

     -1cup evaporated milk

     -1cup lime juice

2. Pour on pie crust

3. Freeze 3 hrs


Hi bro, your game is so awesome, it's a shame it's not for Android, I'd be playing all day.

it would be the perfect mobile game!

Is there any chance you can add the number of lines that you've made to the right side of the screen, that would be awesome! Otherwise the game is absolutely fantastic I love it and share it with everyone I can! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, it really brings such a smile to my face and joy to my day to get a quick game in! :)


Glad you are still playing, we just pushed an update with the line count on the side :)

That's so amazing! Thank you so much. It's a real quality of life bonus. Now I need to go put my money where my mouth is and donate! Keep up the great work!


I love the art style of the game! The game in general is almost perfect. In my opinion you need to add a "Push" button. Not only Pull. Because if you want to put a piece on the corners you can't. You have to add skins to the frog too. But if you don't want I understand it.
Which number would I give it? A 10/10, a game that's funny and doesn't have end.


This game is so so fun! An absolute blast! Simple, addictive and creative. Please port to a ROM file for Megadrive/Genesis, Super Famicom, Game Boy Advance, Game boy Color and others. Would happily pay to play it on portable device. Seems like it'd be perfect for that!


hehe, looks cute! Not the biggest fan of pixel art but this is great! Must have been hard to come up with the puzzles or is it more random? I just finished a small puzzle-game and it was so much harder then I thought! Here is mine:


Thanks for playing :) we have a custom random position generator for when the pieces of the game spawn, so it's not totally random


I really love the art style and the general feel of the game!Good Job :)


This is a really great twist on Tetris and is an awesome game. I loved that you could break blocks and carve paths in-between. It meant you had to use some actual strategy while playing. I got uptil 3 lines though. I suck XD

This is a really good game and I definitely want to play it more. Could you upload a windows downloadable version ?


Sure will try to upload it this week :)

Windows version uploaded :) 


great twist on an absolute classic with its own charm love the presentation


Brilliant concept!

Quite hard but remains fair - well done!