• WASD/Arrows to move
  • X Interact/Shoot
  • Z  Move faster (unlockable)

How to play

You wake up in the middle of a spooky town trying to find your way back home. Help the citizens of this weird town and they will open paths for you.


The streets are swarming with spirits and if you let them, they will take you away. Shoot them down with your mysterious powers and win candy in return. 

Spend your candy on vending machines across the town, and grow in power. Make sure to find them all as the night progresses, the spirits become spookier.


The Lost Night is a game made in PICO-8 by Mario Carballo and Joven Paul. It's our first attempt at an RPG and we enjoyed the process. Sadly we hit all the limits within PICO-8, so more content or improvements are would be too hard to implement.  
We appreciate your feedback.  
-Thanks for playing


If you Purchase "The Lost Night" for $2 bucks, You'll be able to download the game for Mac, Pc and Linux.

We also included a Guide/Map that you can use to navigate our little world


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files: 3 MB
Version 4 1 MB
Version 4 734 kB
Version 3 1 MB
Version 3
the-lost-night-guide.png 141 kB


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Cute game! The music is fantastic!

really cute game!! enjoyed this a lot :)

very cute! thanks for sharing!

Cute game which I had fun playing. Didn't finish it because over an hour in the game froze or me on a screen transition and there was no save feature (or it corrupted the save if it did exist.)

fun game, works pretty well on my mac


DOES work on Steam Deck


Hi! I'm wanting to take games made for GBJam and make them for Gameboy! Would I be able to get the assets and build for this? If possible, the GB studio project too? This would be for my own personal use :) 

Deleted post

I am having the same issue. I payed for it but have no access to the cartridge image.

Extremely cute and charming. Simple but so well executed. Loved it!

love the art style

This game was fun to play ^^ 

Thanks for playing! loved the Playthrough

Great game! The art and story are super spooky and charming! Would definitely recommend!

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This was a lot of fun. Good job! The animation and gameplay were both really solid (and spooky!). (Though I think it maybe could have included an intro screen or something to explain the plot a little.)
Two questions:
1. I could only get my "size" up to level 4, can it go to 5? (I used your map and checked all the vending machines.)

2. There's a door next to the sign that says "Weenie race!" that I can't find a way into. Is it accessible?

this was a super cute game.

would be cool as a mobile app

Hey, I really like the charm of this game but I think the battles got too tedious after a while. I would have appreciated an option with fewer enemies on screen at once, or at least have battles with multiple baddies cap out at like, two attacking at the same time. I ended up giving up because I simply couldn't progress, between trying to find where I needed to go and constantly getting attacked (and often dying) while searching.


Loved the feel of this game. It has great vibes :)


Just finished playing through - Loved the game! Although I never did figure out how to get the speed boots...


Wow! I'm surprised to see something like this in Pico8


such a fun and cute little thing, it made my day <3

Really fun and sweet little game! I enjoyed all the monster variations a lot!


This was awesome. Very well done.



Really great, I came back home. :)

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Wait, so this game is part of the Palestine bundle, but only the browser version which was already free to play? That's kind of confusing. 


Shouldn't be the case let me check how I can add the downloadable version to the bundle!

(1 edit) (+1)

Should be fixed now! sorry for the confusion


For what it's worth, i also got this as part of the Palestine bundle, but it's not showing I purchased this game when I'm on this page. Playing the browser version (found *A* dog, but not the right one), but I would like to have the download as well (because it's great!). :)


Scratch that -- I'm a dingdong. Forgot I had to go to that Palestine Bundle page for the download. Whoops, haha


arcade rpg, excellent spritework,vending machines, smoother than tile controls, l'm going back to continue rhe game ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


This is so good. Love the color palette. The Earthbound / Undertale vibes are real.

Why does it look like pump from SPOOKE MONTFHDTDADiasdhDKALDUS


what a lovely, spooky little game

Good game <3

When I'm trying to download it, it says that nothing is available for download, why is that?

You need to pay a minimum of $2 USD to be able to download the game. If you did and are still unable to download the game, let me know and will look what can be done.

And i love that text lol~

This game is pretty good~~~~~


This game is so gosh darn FUN. I'm a little confused over the "find my dog" npc...I found her dog (the one locked behind the bone door) and she still said "Find my Dog" even though the little pupster was trailing behind me! Is that intentional?
Other than that...this game is so GOOD!


She lost a different god! But I'm sure the dog is OK :) the dog that follows you around is because he likes you, or your candy ...

Once I started playing I couldn't stop and beat the whole thing in one sitting. Tt's so fun, inventive, beautiful, funny, and charming. What a lovely, special thing y'all have made! I really hope you feel pride for this amazing game, cannot wait for what else you make. Thank you a million times over.

Thanks! so happy you enjoyed the game :)

this looks too good to be pico 8

PICO-8 + spooky filter

I didn't know you could do that. Cool!


Hey bro, nice "non-turn-based attack system possibly inspired by undertale".

Hey bro thanks!

Waw !

this game is a gold nugget in our world: the game mechanics are amazing.


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The one thing I really, really, REALLY like about this game is that you turned the combat mechanics of Undertale into Galaga and I AM HERE FOR IT. Space shooters are my jam, and major props to you for putting them in the combat.

So glad you liked it :) thanks!