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pretty cool! I liked it

Hello Friend! you have a cool game, but the level with crabs (maybe they are not crabs, but I called them so) is very difficult, a lot of them are created.
And I was cool to play a game about viruses from a other of the developer, because I also created a game "virus hunter" and it was interesting to see other ideas

Hi! the general strategy is to kill the spiders first before they start spreading, but once they do it's really hard to make a come back.

Do you happen to know the number of night you are getting stuck at ? maybe I can balance it a little bit :)

(internally we call them spiders, but they do look like crabs as well)


great game, I loved playing it, but it was frustrating when you died from something stupid and had to play back through all the levels. A level select screen, or a retry button would easily fix this

I was thinking on a code system like on the old times, will look into it :)


I do kind of agree with this one, yes. Also possible is per (say) 5 levels there's a checkpoint? Although it is an astaetic to have to do it all over again.

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Super cool game! For me it's a whole new sort of tower defence (ish) game, whitch I really like! Btw, your art is nice, kind of retro. Are you considering new uptdates or even a full release?

The game was part of a MakeAGameAMonth game jam so no plans at the moment for any updates, maybe if the game wins some traction will consider a bigger release but for the time being it will stay as it is.

Thanks for playing and glad you liked it!

Nice idea for a small turn based game. I haven’t beat it yet but I replayed several times. Everything so far looks and feels great, I look forward to seeing more development.

My only feedback is that upgrading defenses seemed a little under-powered. I kept wishing I could decrease the cooldown some. I had more success with many low-level defenses than I did with a few high-level defenses.

I noticed a bug with the health restore. After using it once, the menu displays “out of order” however you can still purchase the health. You can even purchase it at full health- but it takes 2 coins/credits instead of 1.


Thanks for playing!

Will fix the health issue asap and we where thinking about making it so that you change how the turrets upgrade depending on some factors.


It's now fixed


Pretty simple and cool idea! It is very addictive to play and I wish the game would be longer. However, I felt like upgrading the defenses was less powerful than just placing a new one since the cooldown between shots of all of them was the same. Maybe in other kind of levels I would have felt different. Amazing work!

Thanks for playing, the game is still in development and I hope to have more levels and more defenses by next week :)